Jim Nolan, Florida Licensed Orlando Home Inspector No. HI-520, National Association of Home Inspectors- certified real estate inspector No. 990007 and Florida Association of Building  Inspectors-registered professional  inspector No. 0590, specializes in pre-purchase home and condominium inspections. After completing the Everett Rawlings Home Inspection training course, The Inspection Experts, in the fall of 1996, as well as annual continuing ed. seminars thereafter, Jim has brought Home Inspections by Nolan from the concept and design stage to a level of annual volume exceeding more than 600 home inspections per year. Jim Nolan is a charter member of the National Association of Home Inspectors of Florida and has serviced four consecutive terms as President. Jim Nolan served on the legislative committees for NAHI and FABI. As a member of the Florida Home Inspectiors Alliance, a group of senior home inspectors from around the state of Florida, he has helped to draw up, negotiate, and with support from the Florida Association of Realtors and the Florida Home Builders Association, successfully passed home inspector licensing legisation that became effective in 2010. 


"He is the Florida chapter president of the National Association

of Home Inspectors and one of the most skilled, knowledgeable,

and respected home inspectors in SW Orlando"

                            - Southwest Orlando Real Estate Scoop 2007


Jim Nolan has added his son Jaime Nolan onto his Licensed Home Inspector team as a professionally trained and licensed home inspector No. HI-8017. As the saying goes... the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Jaime has been exposed to the home inspection industry since the age of 8 and has been trained by the best. Jim and Jaime have combined forces to provide a top notch, 400-point comprehensive pre-purchase inspection that gives you, the buyer, a greater peace of mind as two sets of eyes thoroughly examine the home from top to bottom, inside and out in about half the time as a single inspector, all while providing a same day report complete with color images and narrative analysis. 


The good home inspector will be able to find deferred maintenance items or broken items that homeowners don't even know exist and discover any needed repairs or system failures prior to closing. That will enable the buyer to invoke the repair clause of the contract. Immediately, the home buyer will save the difference between the repair clause and the inspection fee. And really, it's much more beneficial to everyone - including the seller and both Realtors. Getting a professional home inspection will complete your home buying experience.

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